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Libraries constitute the main field of ELiDOC’s activity. The products and services offered are intended to cover the needs of all types of libraries, with emphasis in Academic Libraries. In this context, ELiDOC selected and promotes solutions for:

  • automation of all key functions (cataloging, OPAC, borrowing, management of magazines, orders, inventory, etc.) with integrated Systems (V-Smart, Advance, Koha).
  • in compliance with international standards, systematic recording of their available material (cataloging, enrichment with digital data, data migration, auditing and certification of collections, etc.) implementing (AACR2 rev., ISBD's, MARC formats, Dewey classification, etc.) standards.
  • dynamic linkage with international sources and databases via specialized software, metasearch, Open Url, Discovery, etc. (MuseSearch suite, VuFind/Catmining, V-Spaces, V-Link, OCLC solutions, etc.).
  • data security and operating procedures facilitation, such as borrowing, inventory, returning of material regardless of library’s opening hours, by implementing solutions proposed by the new RFiD technology for libraries.
  • integrated library shelving systems in aesthetic and functional design for the physical placement and arrangement of material (Borgeuad Bibliotheques) as well as more utilitarian furniture. High quality equipment for labeling of the material by the internationally recognized in this field German company Neschen, specific for libraries and sensitive products.

The increasing volume of bibliographic data and scientific publications, combined with the diversity of their electronic form, has created the need for horizontal search tools for all available online internet resources.
For the scientific world, this need is more than just the "noise" of information provided by a Google search. Aiming to meet the demand for more accurate and targeted information, search engines have been developed that can search multiple sources at the same time (federated search, metasearch) or expanded indexes, which are subsequently generated by indexing metadata (discovery).
The latest technology development in this area is (conceptual discovery), utilizing logical semantic links recorded and extracted from huge scientific databases (eg Yewno analyzes and utilizes a Database of more than 120 million items).

ELiDOC, with the products that offers and supports, provides to libraries the possibility to take advantage of advanced search technologies, (discovery systems) by offering solutions that meet the most demanding needs.


One of the main objectives of ELiDOC is to monitor the technological developments and the impacts and changes that these developments bring to the operation of Libraries, Archives and Museums, the premises in which the company operates.
RFiD technology and its applications in material labeling and security have immediately attracted our interest, and the company has conducted extensive international market research in order to identify suitable products and serious partners that guarantee quality, the good quality/price ratio and the the continuation of production. Based on these criteria ELiDOC has chosen to cooperate with the Dutch company Nedap, which is distinguished for:

  • high quality of its products,
  • orientation towards innovation,
  • full support of the standards applicable to libraries,
  • compatibility with a wide range of librarian systems (ILS products),
  • quality of after-sales support and
  • good quality/price ratio that characterizes its products.

By using the terms "Repositories/Depositories" "Digital Archives" "Digital Libraries" we mean any form of organized digital collection which combines a detailed, searchable by metadata description of the Object and linking of this description to digital content available to the user through the appropriate browser. The content recorded, where relevant, in various formats (image, digital file, text file) -any file that has processed as OCR, video, audio, etc.-.  ELiDOC operates by providing automation solutions, digitalization services, processing of digital copies and documentation in the following categories:

  • Institutional Repository - This Repository is related with the student's essays of an Academic Foundation, sorted by category (Thesis, Master, PhD, or other). Essays are recorded into repository in digital format (PDF, image, text file that has processed as OCR, etc.)  and  accompanied by descriptive metadata  and thematic classification (authority lists, structured indexes, ontologies, etc.). Access is open or restricted and distributed under international standards (e.g. Creative Commons). ELiDOC uses internationally recognized open source software for Institutional Repositories development, such as DSpace and e-Prints, though Repositories of this type, can be supported by V-Smart software. Documenting is conducted in Dublin Core format or Qualified Dublin Core format, as well as with Greek heal-Meta Proposal.  Digitalization follows best established practices, in analogy with the material type. Institutional Repositories should be open to local and international accumulators (aggregators) and this is achieved through the OAI-PMH protocol.
  • Research Repository - This Repository is related with the research output of Academic Institutes or Research Entities, Institutes, etc. and intends to record and promote their research activities and research results. The structure of Research repository is more complex than that of the Institutional and is described by the CERIF standard. According to complexity and the level of compliance with CERIF, ELiDOC uses DSpace and Bibapp open source software for automation, management and visibility of a Research repository.
  • Cultural Repository - Digital Library - A Cultural Repository can include a variety of material with cultural qualification, contemporary or from past periods (historical archives,  photography collections, publications material, combo material of events-speeches/photos/video-, etc.). This material is appropriately digitalized, copyright marked (watermark, license) and properly documented based on the more akin standard  (Dublin Core, CIDOC-CRM, Marc, etc.). As in previous repositories, the material must be open to international and domestic accumulators (Europeanna, ΕΚΤ, etc.) via protocols (OAI-PMH, Z39.50, etc.). Elidoc backing solutions based on open source software such as DSpace, OMEKA, or commercial software like V-Smart, Luna Insight and  AdLib.
CMS Portals

Vertical Information Portals (VIPs) provide news, editorial content, digital publications, and e-commerce capabilities. In contrast to traditional vertical portals, VIPs also provide dynamic multimedia applications including social networking, video posting, and blogging.
ELiDOC operates by providing the following CMS solutions:

  • Drupal, WordPress - The most popular content management systems.
    Designed to support the management of the content of Web pages that includes text and embedded graphics, photos, video, audio, maps, and program code (e.g., for applications) that displays content or interacts with the user.
  • Grav - The target groups of Grav are organizations, companies and individuals who need a small to medium-sized websites.
    As a flat file Content Management System, in contrast to other CMS software that tend to use MySQL databases, uses XML files to store the content.

ELiDOC cooparates with trusted foreign companies in order to provide libraries with the most suitable consumables for librarian tasks.

ELiDOC has a long-standing partnership with Neschen, a leading German company in the manufacture of transparent antacids and preservatives division.

ELiDOC also cooperates with the English company Pel (Preservation Equipment Ltd) for special materials and archiving packages, as well as with Greek companies for self-adhesive labels, etc.

In the field of special furniture for libraries, ELiDOC has been cooperating for many years with the French company Borgeaud Bibliotheques, for flawless aesthetics, versatility and durability products.

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