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V-Smart belongs to the latest generation of INFOR Management Information Systems. Infor is the continuation of GEAC Computers, one of the most well-known development companies worldwide by the 1970s, for Library Automation Software. Vubis Smart is the outcome and the culmination of the efforts, experience and development of these decades.

The Data Management Model of V-Smart

In the following analysis, highlighted some unique features that make Vubis Smart stand out between the Softwares of its category.

  • V-Smart supports the coexistence of multiple databases in the same system, that follows -where desirable- different formats. Thus, organizations and institutions which aim to support multiple databases, acquire great flexibility in data management that describe various item categories with specialized format for each category. In the following figure is illustrated the method by which multiple databases can coexist.
  • V-Smart supports multiple indexing for each database as well as unified indexing for multiple databases. This achieves a significant flexibility of search on multiple databases.
  • The system utilizes a metadata set, allowing to an Institution complete control regarding the structure and search of informations. The database formats, indexing structures, updates of forms, structure of authority lists, standards for data and various other connectors, are generated very easy via the system functionalities. The standard implementation of V-Smart system points to authority databases in MARC 21 (bibliographic database and authority database), Unimarc (as in MARC 21 format), Smart, Dublin Core formats and optionally CDWA format (Categories of the Description of Works of Art) as implemented by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Vubis Smart system.

Vubis Smart provides a variety of subsystems for the management of library items

  • Cataloguing
  • OPAC or Online Public Access Catalogue
  • Database Management
  • Borrowing
  • Purchases
  • Magazines
  • Report Generation Tools


Full WebBased implementation. Numerous customization options. Full security management in order to control data and system services accesses.

Additional Services

Furthermore, additional modules like those listed below can be connected, increasing the V-Smart system functionality:

  • V-Spaces Portal
  • V-Link Open URL resolver
  • V-Sources
  • V-Insight
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