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DSpace is a leading open source software for creating and managing Institutional Repositories, developed by the University of MIT, operating at several thousand Academic Institutions worldwide.

The choice of DSpace is associated with a number of activities planned by the Greek Higher Educational Institutions/Technological Educational Institutions and will be funded under NSRF project.

DSpace is a platform that enables item collection of any type (text, video, audio)  and data collection. After the appropriate indexing, distributes these items via web, in order to help users to search and retrieve them. It also assists to the long-term maintenance of the  digital content.

Provides administration of the  research results, project results and publications through a professionally organized repository, so that over time, these items can obtain enhanced availability and accessibility.

Its use for the creation and management of an Institutional Repository fulfills three key roles:

  • Facilitates the collection and integration of material, including metadata that describe the material.
  • Facilitates access to the material through catalogs or/and search.
  • Facilitates the long-term preservation of material.

The advantages of using DSpace summarized in the following:

  • Enables rapidly the publicizing of the  results (research, essays, etc.) worldwide.
  • Makes the Institutional Repository accessible to worldwide audience through popular search engines such as Google.
  • Stores useful educational material which can be reused by course management systems.
  • Can archive and distribute material that is stored in a personal website.
  • Stores student courseworks (with the permission of the students).
  • Exhibits Theses of the students (with the appropriate authorization).
  • Maintains a personal  collection of bibliography and publications (MyIR).
  • Has a permanent internet password that does not change nor deleted, for every essay.
  • Pages with images are not overloaded. Provides the ability of integrating permanent codes  (identifiers) into published articles, which leads to the images.

DSpace can be used to store any type of digital object, such as:

  • Magazine articles
  • Dataset
  • Electronic Theses
  • Reports
  • Conference posters
  • Videos
  • Images

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