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OJS is a backend of the entire publishing process of scientific magazines. It has been developed by the Public Knowledge Project, a nonprofit Research Organization which involves the University of British Columbia, the Canadian Institute for Studies in Publishing of Simon Fraser University, the Library of the same University and Stanford University.
OJS assists with every stage of the refereed publishing process, from submissions through to online publication and indexing. Through its management systems, its finely grained indexing of research, and the context it provides for research, OJS seeks to improve both the scholarly and public quality of refereed research.

OJS is available as open source software platform (OJS – Open Journal System) under the GNU Public License v.2, and assessed worldwide as the most comprehensive system in its section.

OJS software, supports and facilitates the work of a group that wishes to publish on the Internet one or more Electronic Journals.

OJS acquires additional features through plugins, derived from various partner technicians -community members- which extend the functionality without affecting the main part of the program. The whole collaboration is done through the OJS Development Forum, which is accessible from the  http://forum.pkp.sfu.ca/ contact page.

The Administrator can decide which of the plugins will select and integrate in the process and which not. Recent plugins are related to the alternative authentication system (LDAP), imports and exports, an indexing tool for Google Scholar, alternative forms of appearance on web (themes), block plugins for  UI plugins, etc.

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