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V-insight belongs to the latest generation of INFOR Management Information Systems. Infor is the continuation of GEAC Computers, one of the most well-known development companies worldwide by the 1970s, for Library Automation Software.

V-insight is a statistical portal that provides information and figures on the performance of library services. Management, marketing department, loan officers and collections, everyone finds in V-insight valuable information, essential for effective decision-making.

V-insight dynamically tracks and transmits strategic encrypted data, creates automatic reports and broadcasts them without any user intervention. V-insight includes essential functions, such as easy navigation, lists of the most requested works and the definition of flexible periods, as well as advanced options that extend the possibilities of data exploitation: restrictions, grouping of data, definition of fields, filtering, etc. With a comprehensive security feature, users only have access to the reports they are authorized to view, and the sharing of these documents is done without the intervention of IT or application managers. Other features are available, such as dashboard reports, graphical functions (bars, sectors, lines, point cloud) and finally options for printing and exporting to CSV formats (for Excel), HTML and PDF.

V-insight - The main assets:

  • Web analytics interface with ready-to-use or custom dashboards
  • Easy access to accurate data for decision making
  • Selection of options in a few clicks
  • Planning the creation of dashboards, updates and data processing
Infor Library Products

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