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ADVANCE is an integrated library package on UNIX environment, designed for efficiency, development and flexibility in the operation of any library.

ADVANCE program is unique because it integrates client/server architecture, web applications, the latest technology for library automation - management, as well as the most advanced but also user-friendly access to information worldwide.

An integrated choice

The program covers all operational needs of a library. More particularly, it includes the following subsystems:

  • Cataloguing (AdvCat)
  • Borrowing (AdvCirc)
  • OPAC (AdvPac) & WebOPAC
  • Acquisitions (AdvAcq)
  • Management of magazines (AdvHoldings)
  • Printing generator

More specifically, the program has the following features:

  • Fully support for standards of libraries operation and information processing. ADVANCE fully supports MARC format (bibliographic and authority), EDI, BISAC and X12, ANSI standards and Ζ39.50 protocol (3rd edition) in order to ensure easy communication between libraries. In addition allows the uploading and exporting of bibliographic records in MARC format based on ISO-2709 standard.
  • Easy to use for experienced and novice users. The program includes help screens for beginners, but also allows the experienced users to bypass some menus.
  • The program is fully customizable in order to meet the needs, features and policy of every library. Most importantly the customizations have simple functionality and can be implemented by the library personnel without the mediation of a special programmer.
  • Ideal for every type of library and compatible with any equipment (hardware), easily upgradeable.
  • Security: ADVANCE has numerous security levels. These are controllable by the library and determine each user's level of access.
  • ADVANCE features a printing generator that covers statistical and accounting purposes but also serves the library planning for the future. Supports over 300 current prints – reports and enables the capability to create news report of library.
  • Time-programmable functions: ADVANCE features time-programmable processors for each subsystem (borrowing, acquisitions, management of magazines, etc.), which can automatically perform functions in accordance to the time schedule of the library, without the need for the presence of operators.
  • ADVANCE communicates via network with other libraries and institutions around the world.
  • ΑDVANCE backed by a number of flexible and versatile products: The WebOPAC, web catalog, AdvPac, universal access search engine and AdvCat, MARC cataloguing software. Provides access to electronic magazines and online databases and supports Ζ39.50 protocol for information exchange with servers around the world. With LVIS program, notifies via telephone with synthetic voice technology, the readers who have been delayed to return the copies. Finally with OptiView and OptiVoice programs, by means of enlarged graphics and synthetic voice, provides access to people with visual impairments.


ADVANCE is the integrated solution for any library. Produced by the Canadian company Geac which is recognized worldwide and is a pioneer in automation and information systems. The program is the result of long research, is used extensively by libraries in Greece and abroad and is constantly improving thanks to open architecture. It is the ideal tool for the library ιn order to meet the challenges of the future.

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