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The company

Perceiving the evolution of technology and the tendencies of Greek Market, since early 2010 ELiDOC has systematically invested in Open Source Software sector, with emphasis in those softwares targeted the Academic Community. Explored, detected, installed, evaluated and acquired experience through pilot applications, in a series of Open Source Software which are listed on the page of products company offers and supports.

ELiDOC is a highly specialized company which is also engaged in:

  • Development of Studies for importing automation in Business and Organizations.
  • Providing integrated automation solutions for Libraries and Documentation and Information Centres, with ‘state-of-the-art’ software products, internationally recognized and acclaimed (Library Management Systes, Inter Library Loan, Library Portal, etc.).
  • Providing integrated automation solutions for Museums, Historical Archives and Collections of Cultural content, making use of internationally recognized products (Digital Collection Management System).
  • Studying, development and support of applications related to the areas of automated management and processing of enrollments (Document Management, Multimedia Development and Management), of Documentation and Information.
  • Retrospective cataloging of libraries collections and converting catalogs (handwritten or digitized) implementing the Marc format (Unimarc), Marc21.
  • Digital processing material (the entire digitalization cycle, processing and characterization) with use of appropriate equipment and documenting the elements in standard formats (Dublin Core, EAD, Marc and Marc21).
  • Integrated supervision for implementation of Informatics methods.
  • Availability and support for e-Learning Management System which covers all needs of educational institutions (Universities, H/Technological Educational Institutes, Technical Chambers, Vocational Training Institutes, Private Schools, etc.) providing possibility of synchronous and asynchronous education (Virtual Classroom) as well as the possibility for bidirectional sound and video management, via complementary products (Wimba, Horizon Live).
  • Development of Portals, cultural institution’s services visibility, with variations, in Discovery Portal, Statistical Portal, Collaboration, Learning etc.


Services provided by ELiDOC based on international standards, on recognized products and executives with a high level of experience and expertise, which guarantee the effectiveness and quality of the end product.

ELiDOC is a General Partnership company founded in 1989.

ELiDOC obtained ISO 9001: 2008 certification, on February 1, 2011, reference for "Development, Installation, Applicability of Information Systems and Providing Support Services for them", which is renewed annually.

ELiDOC came second in the evaluation rating among 198 Greek companies funded by the Women's Entrepreneurship Program and subsidized in total with the amount of 38 mil. GRDrachmas to develop IT infrastructure suitable to face the challenge of diversification of working mode, in the era of the Information Society. That amount invested in its entirety and currently the company has a complete infrastructure for the development of remote services and the provision of impeccable service to customers.


Objectives and Strategy

ELiDOC’s objective is to maintain the leading position as a reliable supplier of automated solutions in the Educational and Cultural field.

These solutions are based on ‘state-of-the-art’ end products, internationally acknowledged, covering the requirements of established in each sector of standards and ensure the sustainability of systems and applications.

The company's areas of activity include: libraries of all types, historical archives and digital repositories, as well as applications with targeted promotion and diffusion of cultural content.

The provided solutions, tested successfully on the international scene, audited in terms of coverage for Greek specificities and assure technical support, scalability and interoperability.

Their implementation in the Greek scene is based on experienced, highly trained scientific personnel that continuously expands its horizons, by keeping abreast of developments and updating its knowledge.


Company Structure


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162-164  Irakliou  St,  PC. 11142,  Rizoupoli

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    Phone +30 210 2588510

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    FAX +30 210 2514572

  • Email info [at] elidoc.gr

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