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29 May

Athos Digital Heritage

Athos Digital Heritage: Creation of an integrated information system for the libraries of 13 Holy Monasteries of Mount Athos.

This is part of a very large and important cultural project undertaken and implemented by OTE and in which ELiDOC participates as a subcontractor. The part of the project undertaken by the company includes:

30 Nov

Collaboration among BibLibre and ELiDOC

The two companies are pleased to announce the -by October 1st- signing for strategic partnership agreement, in order to meet the growing interest in open source software development from the Greek libraries and cultural institutions.

ELiDOC provides the profound and extensive knowledge of the Greek environment and BibLibre the excellent knowledge regarding open source software addressed to libraries, particularly for the integrated library management system KOHA and for Portal's development software DRUPAL, with special orientation in libraries.

05 Sep

Library of University Mental Health Research Institute

Automation for the Library of University Mental Health Research Institute completed. It is a specialized library which chose the integrated automation software Advance v6.8 client/server and Advance WebOpac, for recording and promotion of the material.  ELiDOC also undertaken the original cataloguing of documents (6.000 approximately) in Unimarc format.

The library is currently utilized internally by researchers. At the same time, the library and the reading room formed with special furniture "series DRYADE" by the company Borgeaud Bibliotheques.

19 Mar

EndNote Software for Bibliography Management

EndNote is among the most authoritative and widely used software for configuring and prototyping scientific literature.

It is placed very high in international ratings compared with similar products, commercially or freely.

It is provided in many options (individual or student license, license for intranet, bulk licenses, web version) for Windows or mac environment.

ELiDOC is the representative for Greece and Cyprus and has supplied the software to many scientists, Organizations and Institutions.