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In the last 5 years ELiDOC has invested at the extended search systems (Discovery Systems). VuFind is a top choice among the respective open source systems. The Greek version, adapted to the used ILS, is promoted under the name Catmining.

CatMining is an integrated, collaborative Discovery Portal (Portal for Concentration and Promotion of Educational Material), addressed for Libraries and Educational Institutions wishing to publish on the Internet all of the printed and digital educational material via a unified environment.

The advanced interoperability and interconnectivity of CatMining with Library Management (ILS) and Institutional Repositories (IR) systems, assists the Library to collect and emerge all educational material that manages. It is designed in accordance with the norms and standards that define Web 2.0, the next generation of the World Wide Web, features a modern and easy to use web interface and emphasizes on collaboration and social networking, providing an enhanced user experience.

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