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Privacy & Cookie Policy

ELiDOC is in no way responsible for the contents of any other websites through which the User may - via a hyperlink - have accessed this Site or other websites linked to this Site,
nor is ELiDOC responsible for any lost profits or revenues, loss or damage to data resulting from use of or reliance on websites to which this Site may be linked.
By using our Site you accept the terms of our Privacy & Cookie Policy.
What personal data do we collect, when do we collect them and why?
  • No data collected automatically
We do Not collect any personal information by default.
We do Not have third party ad serving networks and unaffiliated advertisers in our Site & we do Not rely on third parties about your use of our Site.
For instance, we do Not use third party analytics services that use cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies to collect information such as your IP address, time of visit, whether you are a return visitor, etc.
  • Data collected from information You Provide to Us
All personal information collected by ELiDOC is done so exclusively with Your consent,
by means of an email received from You or by telephone. No information is collected automatically.
  • Use of your data
The personal information collected is only used by ELiDOC staff for the purposes defined at the time of the collection or a use that complies with these purposes.
We do Not share your information with any third parties.
We will Not, in any circumstances, share your personal information with other individuals or organizations,
including public organizations, corporations or individuals, except when applicable by law.

GDPR compliance
  • Our site is GDPR compliant
We follow the Commission's guidelines on Data protection in the EU and the ePrivacy directive.
What cookies are stored in your computer/device whenever you visit our site?
  • No cookies are stored automatically
Our site does Not require the use of cookies in order to work properly.
No cookies are stored by default in your computer/device whenever you visit our site.
  • Cookies clearly exempt from user consent
According to the EU advisory body on data protection- WP29 there are some cookies clearly exempt from consent.
Although we embed YouTube videos with "youtube-nocookie" parameter and a custom JavaScript,
some cookies are automatically activated by YouTube, when you Play a video and there is No way from us to disable them:
# Name of third-party Purpose
1 yt-remote-fast-check-period Unclassified
2 yt-remote-session-app Unclassified
3 yt-remote-session-name Unclassified
4 yt-player-bandwidth Unclassified
5 yt-player-two-stage-token Unclassified
6 yt-remote-connected-devices Unclassified
7 yt-remote-device-id Unclassified
It's only Up_To_You to block those kind of cookies.
Consider changing your browser's privacy settings from Default to → Custom & Block third-party cookies.
More detailed information about cookie management for specific web browsers can be found at the browsers' respective websites:
› Chrome - support.google.com/chrome/answer...
› Firefox - support.mozilla.org/kb/cookies-information...
› Internet Explorer - support.microsoft.com/help/17442...
› Safari - support.apple.com/kb/PH21411...
› If you use a mobile device, you can find more information on the user guide provided by the manufacturer.
More information about YouTube and Google cookies available in Google’s privacy policy website.