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University of West Attica Conference Center

As one of the leading and renowned high technology educational institutions of the country with international distinctions, University of West Attica designed and implemented one of the largest conference centers in Attica, aiming to satisfy high-level conference, educational and artistic requirements.
The University of West Attica Conference Center is the ideal choice, as its superiority in the areas of quality, aesthetics and modern infrastructure, its pleasant and friendly environment, provides the necessary background for the success of every event.

Institutional Repository and Value Added Service for Digital Library of Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus

ELiDOC undertook the above project which is financed by NSRF, through an International Public Competition.

The project includes the development of application series, making use of open source software, as well as the digitalization and documentation of the material which will integrated in the Repository. In particular includes:

University of Piraeus

Κατά την διάρκεια της 2ετίας 2013 – 2015 η ELiDOC συμμετείχε και υλοποίησε 3 έργα στο University of Piraeus.
Το 1ο περιλάμβανε την προμήθεια και επικόλληση 100.000 RFiD Tags.
To 2o έργο αφορούσε την προμήθεια εξοπλισμού (Servers, NAS, Workstations) και εξοπλισμού RFiD. Επίσης περιλάμβανε την ανάπτυξη και διαχείριση εφαρμογών περιοδικών εκδόσεων (OJS), Ερευνητικού Αποθετηρίου (DSpace CRIS), Εφαρμογή Discovery Portal (Vufind Catmining) και αναβάθμιση της Πύλης της Βιβλιοθήκης (η οποία έγινε σε συνεργασία με την εταιρεία MainSys).