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20 May

Event on the occasion of Infor's visit to Athens. Presentation of the Iguana platform and V-Smart DAM

A visit to ELiDOC took place on 16-18 May, by the Infor's General Director of Libraries Ann Melaerts and the Director of Directorate of French Libraries Jean-Francois Piat.

On this occasion, a friendly event was organized at the youthful bistro «the holy goat» in Petralona, where among treats and a glass of wine, the two newer systems that complete the V-Smart AllWeb suite was presented, the Iguana Discovery Portal and the V-Smart DAM system (Digital Asset Management).

Iguana is already installed in Greece by the Library of KEPE and is under installation at Athens College Library.

Those interested can have a look of V-Smart DAM at Médiathèque de Troyes Champagne Métropole.


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