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Digitalization projects undertaken by the company are mainly related historical archives, old documents, photographic material, etc. ELiDOC undertakes primarily digitalization projects combined with scientific documentation and promotion of the digitalized material.

Depending on the category of the material are implemented appropriate methods and fine practices. For printed material ELiDOC uses high performance and precision scanners (book scanners, flat bed scanners, film scanners) and has also the capability to digitalize audiovisual material. The outcome of digitalization is processed with special programs, so that the final result emphasizes the prototypes in the most suitable way if applicable, ensuring fidelity, integrity and clarity.

Digitalization involves all tasks of a professional workflow.

Watermark placement, OCR, conversion processing into various storage and display formats (TIFF, GIF, Jpeg, PDF, Jpeg2000, etc) as well as special processing for “flip through“ can be performed depending on the requirements.

Among the digitalization and documentation projects implemented by the company are worth mentioning:

  • The Vyronas Municipality project, in which digitalized a variety of material (printed material, photographs, posters, video) properly documented in Dublin Core format  and created a DSpace digital cultural repository as well as a Cultural Portal via Drupal.
  • The Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus project, in which digitalized 3.000 essays, approximately 260.000 pages, and documented in Dublin Core format, at DSpace software.
  • The Greek Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing project, in which digitalized books, more than 30.000 pages, photographs and the Federation's magazine «the Mountain». The detailed documentation of this material performed at  V-Smart software.