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30 Nov

Collaboration among BibLibre and ELiDOC

The two companies are pleased to announce the -by October 1st- signing for strategic partnership agreement, in order to meet the growing interest in open source software development from the Greek libraries and cultural institutions.

ELiDOC provides the profound and extensive knowledge of the Greek environment and BibLibre the excellent knowledge regarding open source software addressed to libraries, particularly for the integrated library management system KOHA and for Portal's development software DRUPAL, with special orientation in libraries.

Mr. Paul Poulain, manager of BibLibre, declares happy for the initiation of this procedure, which began with the KOHA presentation by himself, at the 20th PanHellenic Conference for Academic Libraries, in 2011 at Thessaloniki. The conference verified the keen interest of Greek Libraries for open source software.

Mr. Robert Molho, CEO of ELiDOC, commented for this partnership: « It is a fact nowadays, the rapid and continuous expansion of open source software in several application areas and the quality of the best among them, is fully acknowledged. The Greek conjuncture highlights the prioritization on solutions which are distinguished for their confirmed functionality with limited cost. With this collaboration we combine the regional expertise of ELiDOC with the technical experience of BibLibre, providing in this way a KOHA solution adapted to the European and Greek market, offering to the libraries a high-level Integrated Management System, with continuous development and improvement, which can be installed without problems after the necessary transition with our effective support. The two companies add to KOΗA their experience in DRUPAL, a leading website development software (CMS). »

BibLibre (www.biblibre.com) is a French company founded in 2007.

Currently is one of the key factors in the services provision sector and the open source software installation in libraries and documentation centers. BibLibre supports in Europe the utilization of KOHA and other open source software (Drupal, Piwik, JasperReports, Omeka), in more than 70 customers of all sizes, among which 7 French Universities.

ELiDOC (www.elidoc.gr) is a Greek company founded in 1989, a pioneer in the country's library automation sector, with more than 50 customers in the Academic, Government and Cultural field. Has an invaluable expertise in librarian data processing (cataloguing) and data conversion/migration. Over the last decade ELiDOC expanded its activities in the field of Museums, Archives and virtual classrooms. During the last three years the company invests in open source software in order to meet the requirements of Universities and Museums.

ΚΟΗΑ (www.koha.community.org) is a comprehensive, integrated Library Management system addressed to libraries and documentation centers of all sizes and all types, thanks to its excellent customization capabilities. Develops from an international community and is supported by numerous professionals in the field of libraries. ΚΟΗΑ is distributed under GNU/GPL free license. KOHA features an OPAC with rich Web 2.0 functions, by using enriched labels (tags) to communicate via SMS, RSS, etc.

DRUPAL (www.drupal.org) is a software that enables organizing, managing and publishing on the Web of a wide variety of content. Dozen thousands of people, companies and Organizations using DRUPAL to create websites (Portal) of any size and functionality. DRUPAL “OPAC” (http://drupal.org/project/opac) module enables communication of Drupal with a library management system (there is already a link with KOHA and others can be developed).


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