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Muse Search

MuseSearch can link all intranet resources or the external subscriptions of a library under a common interface.

Can search simultaneously a number of different information resources, providing fully, integrated and excellent results to executives involved with knowledge management, strategy formulation, comparative assessment of competitive products, as well as any executive or researcher looking to achieve a composite information from multiple resources, such as:

  • internet resources
  • librarian databases (catalogues)
  • content databases
  • e-books, e-bookshops
  • email databases
  • commercial systems  (CRM, Finance, Project & Content Management)
  • commercial database management systems (Oracle, IBM, Informix, etc.)
  • web indexes (network directories)

In this way MuseSearch improves productivity for users, researchers and all of those involved with knowledge, enabling the discovery, access, integrated research and retrieval of the correct informations and services from various remote sources, using a single interface and by a single search.

Quality and accuracy of the results, results from the MuseSearch’s capability to “understands” the distinctive language and protocol of any information source, regardless if it is web, SQL, telnet, qualified, intranet, full-text database, Ζ39.50, image database, or any other information source.

Ligament management to various information sources is easy because MuseGlobal automatically sustains and updates the relevant records, so that the client can always has the right connections and operate without problems.

Additional features of the package:

  • MuseSearch is completely customizable in appearance (look and feel) and operation mode.
  • Customers can define their own interface and functionality of the program, as well as processing options, resources and their aggregation, search options and display options.
  • Users are certified by their first login to the system (single sign-on) to access the options and information resources for which they have such authorization.
  • The results are displayed integrated, allowing users a wide range of actions, such as the removal of duplicates, selection based on criteria (filtering), classification, ranking, appearance and other functions applied to the result set.
  • Search results can be saved in user’s workspace (WorkRoom) for subsequent editing. A watchdog timer option (alert) is available, which allows the user to save and request to be performed at regular intervals a sequence of searches.
  • Links by the results records, provide to the user the ability to make purchase requisition of the material straight through MuseSearch.
  • The interface mode enhances user productivity by allowing access to associated information directly from the results list.
  • MuseGlobal's Source Factory provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week, updating and maintenance of links record, and provides to MuseSearch customers the ability to monitor the status of links against to chosen resources and update these data and information certification. Thus ensures immediate and high quality customer care despite the dynamic nature of the changes in the information services data.


MuseSearch communicates with its objectives through connectors constituting the MuseGlobal Source Library, which is constantly enriched. MuseGlobal Resource Library currently includes Source Packages for the following resources-objectives:

  • 5.000 Databases
  • 182 Libraries
  • 12 Library Automation Systems
  • 4 Circulation & Patron Information Systems
  • 3 ILL Systems
  • 26 Web engines
  • 16 e-Commerce Systems
  • 4 Content Management Systems

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