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Neschen is one of the most reliable international manufacturer of paper protection and maintenance products.
Many Neschen products are targeted at libraries in easy-to-use/ready-to-use packages. All of them are made of paper-friendly materials, antacids and are long lasting.

Some Neschen's Products:
• filmoplast® P

Transparent paper-mending-tape


With ideal combination of stability & strength with softness and transparency.

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• filmolux® 609

Barcode, back label protection


Transparent stickers (ready made) on tape - roll. You don't need scissors.

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• filmoplast® P 90

Protection and embedding of papers


Ideal for preventive strengthening pages link and covers.

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• filmolux® 900

New product


Transparent sticker film for book protection film.

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• gudy Roller.dot

With removable self-adhesive dots


For clean bonding of paper, cardboard & photos in the office or at home.

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• filmolux® 909

New product


Transparent sticker film for book protection film.

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